Double Red Flags Aren't Keeping Swimmers Out of the Gulf

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Despite double red flags posted across the beach accesses in Panama City Beach, there were tons of swimmers in the water, adults and children alike.

Many swimmers say they're aware of the red flags, so they aren't going too deep in the water.

Lifeguards warn that even going knee-deep can be dangerous in double red flag conditions.

Hayden Lahren, a City Pier Lifeguard offers advice if you do get caught in a rip current.

"Don't panic, because if you panic you'll probably die because you're just going to stress yourself out, your going to exhaust all your energy and you're going to exacerbate the problem. Stay clam as much as possible. Remain facing the shore, try to swim along the shore as much as possible. Don't try to swim back in, because what probably happened is you got caught by rip tide, and just try to keep contact with the shore as much as possible and somebody will see you."

The City Pier in Panama City Beach is one of the few beach accesses with an on-duty lifeguard.

Remember, if you swim while double red flags are flying, you could even be fined by beach police.