Dozier Deaths Investigation Could Cross State Lines

Earlier this week, US Senator Bill Nelson asked Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett as well as other Pennsylvania politicians and law enforcement officials, for help with the old Dozier school for boys case.

University of South Florida researchers are asking Pennsylvania authorities to exhume the remains 15 year old Thomas Curry.

Curry was an inmate at Dozier back in 1925 when he escaped.

Records showed he died the next day at a Chattahoochee Hospital of a fractured skull.

The researchers believe Dozier guards fractured Curry's skull.

However, Jackson County Historian Dale Cox says Curry suffered the injury after his escape.

Cox has been critical of the University of South Florida researchers' project, saying Dozier personnel did not murder boys and bury them in secret graves on-campus.

"With regard to the cemetery, I do not believe any of the graves are connected to abuse allegations on campus. There are 55 graves, 55 graves can be documented none of them are associated with abuse allegations on campus. So I don't believe that, primarily because, with the exception of three, all of those graves are 75 years old which pre-dates the White House," Cox said.

The White House is a small white cinderblock building where boys claims guard tortured them.

Cox says there are old records of physical and sexual abuse at Dozier, but the records show the employees were disciplined or fired.

Pennsylvania authorities have not yet responded to Sen. Nelson's request regarding Curry's remains.