Dozier Supporters Speak Out

MARIANNA, Fla Saying they're tired of the negative stories appearing all over the world, a group of Marianna residents are speaking out about the old Dozier School for Boys.

The school's campus is currently the focus of an investigation into allegations of abuse and even murder.

The citizens say the entire situation is painting an unfair picture of Jackson County. The residents say they're tired of the negative media attention surrounding their town about the now closed Dozier School.
The school was a place where boys were sent for various offenses.

University of South Florida researchers recently say they discovered more unmarked graves on the site, reportedly of boys who were killed while at Dozier. "Are you just taking the word of another reporter who is taking the word of another reporter who is taking the word of another reporter?"

"The citizens of the year for Jackson County aren't afraid to stand out in the light and voice their concerns about what they perceive as false allegations about the Dozier School for Boys, according to Dale Cox. “Ah we felt like the accurate details of this story are not being covered."

Dale Cox is the 2012 Jackson County Citizen of The Year. He says local media outlets have made some poor ethical decisions by only focusing on the bad things associated with the old reform school. "It outrages me."

Members of the group say, the school did some good for the community, by teaching young men a trade.
Dee Callaway Helton worked at Dozier six years. She says recent reports hit close to home. "It saddens me, I'm very partial to children, I've worked with children all of my career. "I never saw a child beaten up by an employee."

Still, there are questions about the unmarked graves at the Dozier site that may never get answered. Protesters say they'd like to see Marianna spotlighted for it's good, not just the bad.

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