Dream Defenders Call it Quits

On the 31st day at the state capitol, the Dream Defenders announce they will be leaving the capitol to focus on the next step of their mission.

The group was joined on its final day at the capitol by civil rights icon Julian Bond.

The Dream Defenders touched on several victories they’ve had over the course of the month.

Including a meeting they’ve secured with FDLE and other state agencies to address the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law, racial profiling and the school to prison pipeline.

“We love everyone that supports us, we love folks that don’t support us. They provide us with an alternative opinion. We’ll be back,” said Phillip Agnew.

The group says they’ll be back in Tallahassee to meet with Lawmakers at the end of September.

So how much did the protest wind-up costing taxpayers?

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement's latest estimates show the state spent more than 428,000 dollars to provide security inside of the capital building.

That was through Wednesday, which cost nearly 15,000 dollars.

The FDLE should release a final total Friday.

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