Dream Defenders Sit-In Costing Money & Causing Problems at State Capitol

While the Dream Defenders continue to hold a sit-in at the Governor’s Office at the state capitol, they are calling their very own special legislative session.

The group will use their session to examine the circumstances that lead to the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. The group continues to urge the Governor and other lawmakers to hold a special session.

Dream Defenders Executive Director, Phillip Agnew says the law needs to change to protect Floridians.

“We know our laws are supposed to prevent violence, not endorse it or provide cover for perpetrators of violence,” said Agnew.

Even if the Governor doesn’t hold a special session, there are two other ways one can be called.

The other two ways include: The Speaker of the House and President of Senate to call a special session. The other way is to have 20 percent of state lawmakers call a special session.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commission Gerald Bailey says the protest has caused a few problems.

Capitol police have found protestors in restricted areas.

An aide for house member Alan Williams escorts some protestors through an unsecured door. Officers found two men and one woman, half-clothed and sleeping in the chapel and several protestors have inflated air mattresses, which are blocking emergency exits and causing safety hazards.

Wednesday, a DMS cleaning crew member reported walking in on a nude female washing her body in the plaza level female bathroom just after 7:00a.m.

The Dream Defenders continued to demonstrate overnight with 43 participants.

Others say these issues are minor compared to the cost of controlling this protest.

Since the sit-in started last week, the state has spent nearly $117,000 in security costs, averaging about $13,000 a day.