Drones Above Panama City

PANAMA CITY-- Camera carrying quad-copters, more commonly known as drones are becoming more and more common in the panhandle skies.

Photographers and hobbyists alike are drawn to the unique scenery the emerald coast can provide. Lance Adams has been flying for just over a month.

"It definitely can get shots that nobody else can get. Even someone in a helicopter can't get as low as i can get in a quad-copter," says Adams.

It's that maneuverability that has critics concerned. Private investigator Jim Blackburn says drones are now being marketed in his industry.

"If you're doing a case and you want to see who is at someone's house, its very easy to put a camera on a drone go to the place and get a picture of the place, I mean you can see it in real time," said Blackburn.

"At night, these are very visible. They have two red lights on the front and two green lights on the back flashing very brightly. As you can see it's pretty loud. You're going to hear this thing coming. You should be as much concerned about a quad copter invading your privacy as a helicopter invading your privacy, because you are going to hear them both," says Adams.

"I think it's the wave of the future. It's going to save us time and money, when we can do everything from our office," said Blackburn.

Currently, typical high end quad-copters have a battery life of about 20 minutes and a range of 2500 feet. Adam's says with those limitations, we are still years away from them sneaking around in the night.