Drones Above Panama City Beach

Google the word drones and you will find negative articles and endless photos and videos of unmanned military weapons on the hunt. Some of the same technology is finding it's way onto the commercial market.

However, the owner of the aerial photography company Coastal SkyCam is quick to distance himself from the term drone.

"This essentially is just a multi-rotor remote controlled helicopter. it's nothing different. Remote controlled airplanes and helicopters have been around for decades, but no one has ever considered them drones, even though they are unmanned," says Jared Geist of Coastal Skycam.

"You can fly between trees and under power-lines. Stuff that a real pilot and a real aircraft would never even dream of doing," says Geist.

Giest sees photography as only the beginning of future drone use, "Really it's limitless. You can do search and rescue missions. You can do bridge inspections and agricultural inspections. You basically take these, and do a job that is risky or dangerous for a human to do without putting anyone's life in danger."

One limit could be the law. Commercial unmanned aircraft market is so new, it's largely unregulated, leaving states scrambling to pass legislation.

The first regulations from the federal aviation administration will take effect in 2015.