Due to Flyover Project Los Antojito's Will Have to Move

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Panama City, FL-- As Mynta Harbison, the co-owner of Los Antojito's, will tell you, it has been a favorite spot for Mexican food in Panama City for almost four decades,

"Bay County needs Los Antojito's. This is not only restaurant but it's like a tradition. People come here every anniversary, every birthday, every Thursday you see the same faces for "Steak Night".

And the eventually flyover project will mean the restaurant will definitely have to move, but the question, is where?

"This location is perfect for us, so we definitely want to stay in this area, we just have to find that perfect spot."

Harbison will also tell you the perfect spot is not an easy one to find.

"We've put our blood, sweat, tears, and our heart into this restaurant and the location of a restaurant is so important because if we go to another restaurant that's been a failure two or three times, it's got a bad rap. No matter what you put in there, it's going to be not a good thing."

Though moving is tough on any one small business owner, Mynta chooses to look at it as the glass being half-full.

"One good side about it is that we can go bigger. You know on Friday night we're on a 45 minute wait and cars are parked to the stop sign. So, it will be nice to get a little bigger and expand."

The Harbisons say regardless of where they end up, the menu will remain the same.