ECP Fights to Keep Funding

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After an intense few days in the nation's capitol, the director of ECP, Parker McClellan, returned to Panama City Beach Thursday afternoon.
He has been meeting with congress and the US Contract Tower Association, fighting to keep the funding for the FAA contract tower operations.
ECP is one of 251 airports across 46 states that are involved in the program and they all stand to lose funding in President Obama's 2014 budget.
"The plan in place is really one of education, with a partnership with FAA, as well as educating the members of congress on what the value is of this very efficient program," said McClellan.
McClellan said the air traffic operations are handled by a contract tower at a 14% FAA air traffic budget.
"So, as you can see, when you do the numbers it's a pretty good program,” he said. “We're trying to continue to push the development of this very efficient program."
McClellan said the contract program is huge for the airport, in terms of safety, job generation and economic development.
"We’ll go into what congress does best and they'll either pass the appropriations bills, there's 12 of them, or we'll be in continued resolution," he said.