ESE Social Studies Teacher From Everitt Middle School Wins Golden Apple

In the eyes of 8th grader Rachel Portwine, Mr. Logan couldn't be more deserving of the Golden Apple. “So he will sit there and explain the problem, explains what paragraphs it’s in, he will sit there and explain it all.

Mr. Logan teaches ESE Social Studies and believes one on one instruction is especially effective in this setting.

“The individual attention you give the student is about 5 times more valuable than the whole class, at least in my estimation, because then you are able to identify on an individual basis where this student is having an issue and you can address it immediately,” says Larry Logan.

Colleagues say his personality is a perfect fit for the ESE environment.

“He is a very warm loving personality that I think makes these students feel like his great uncle is teaching them,” said Everitt Principal Shirley Baker.

“We all learn in different ways, my students learn a little differently than others, but we all learn and that is what they have to understand, they have every capability of learning. It may take using a few different examples, it may mean teaching them in a different way, but you have to find the way they learn best and adapt to that modality for them,” said Mr. Logan

Congratulations to Larry Logan, this week's Golden Apple Award Winning teacher.