EXCLUSIVE: Allen Johnson's Family Speaks Out

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PANAMA CITY-- Members of the US Marshal's Fugitive Task Force swooped down on murder suspect Derrick Ray Thompson about 5:30 Tuesday morning, at a hunting lease near Troy, Alabama.

Investigators say someone recognized the truck he was driving from news reports, as Thompson drove into the lease Monday night.

Authorities surrounded it and waited for him to leave Tuesday morning.

When he got out of the truck to open the gate, officers tossed a percussion devise and took a stunned Thompson into custody.

It ended a three day manhunt that began Sunday in Santa Rosa County, with the discovery of a couple murder in their Milton home.

Investigators say Thompson then shot and killed 66 year old Allen Johnson, in Johnson's Lynn Haven home Monday afternoon.

"Our victim was robbed of money, we know that after the homicide occurred that he met with a local drug dealer and purchased a quality of drugs, oxycodone." said Frank McKeithen, Bay County Sheriff.

Investigators say the killings were not random acts.

"He gave him a job around the house, an electrician. One of these guys, do it yourself kind of guys. And I think he went hunting one time or something," said Kim Johnson-Limmer, Johnson's Relative.

Kim Johnson-Limmer and her husband Mark were the ones who found Johnson dead in his home Monday.

"A huge heart on this man that some people weren't aware of," said Mark Limmer, Johnson's Relative.

Johnson was well-known in Bay County for his business interests, owning and operating several adult strip clubs.

But many in the community remember his days as an undercover narcotics investigator with the Bay County Sheriff's Office, from 1974 to 1988.

"Allen was well known throughout the state of Florida, probably the best narcotic officer and one of the first narcotic officers that was ever around here," said McKeithen.

"The over sensationalized of things that he had going on in business and everything, I think really doesn't show the man he was," said Limmer.

Authorities said they don't believe Johnson was aware Thompson was a suspect in the Santa Rosa county double murders when Thompson contacted him Monday from a Chipley motel.

They say he spent the night in Panama City Beach Saturday after the Milton murders, then stayed in Chipley Sunday.

Investigators say Thompson has confessed to all three murders.

He's due in court Wednesday for a bond hearing.