Husband Allegedly Shoots, Kills Wife's Lover

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BAYOU GEORGE - Bay County Sheriff's investigators say a deadly shooting this morning in Bayou George was the result of a love triangle.

Bay County Sheriff's deputies arrived at this Bayou George home about 2:30 p.m. Wednesday morning, to find one man dead, a woman wounded.

They say 43-year old Michael McCoy shot and killed 46-year old David walker after finding out walker was having an affair with McCoy’s wife, 37-year old Susan McCoy.

The incident supposedly began after Susan McCoy invited walker to stay at her and her husband's home after he was released from the bay county jail on a domestic violence charge.

They say Michael McCoy found out about their affair and became unstable.

"The individual told us he had attempted or about to commit suicide earlier."

Susan McCoy was able to calm him down, but he reportedly started arguing with walker in the front yard.

It ended with the shootings.

"The suspect who now is the only witness who is talking to us gave us an identification that it was a self-defense like situation with the male that was shot, and it was an accident that he shot his wife," said Frank Mckeithen, Bay County Sheriff.

Michael Griglen has been living in this area since 1996 and says he knew the family well.

He says there was a little girl that lived in the home too.

"We all get along around here. She catches the bus right here for the last two years I know." said Michael Griglen, neighbor.

"I would be afraid, afraid for the kids in the neighborhood you know. I would be very protective to make sure they are in a safe environment," said Daphney Johnson, bayou George Early Education and Care, Inc.

"It’s a bad situation you know. Especially for the little girl."

Authorities have not filed any criminal charges against Michael McCoy.

They’re waiting to interview Susan McCoy to hear her side of the story.

She is still in critical, but stable condition.

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