Early Voting Continues On Destin Fire District Referendum

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The Destin fire district referendum is stirring up some controversy. Now residents have the opportunity to turn their opinions into actions as the week long early voting period has begun

"When the fire commission approached me about having the referendum and the question came up do you or don't you want to have early voting. I said we'll do it as economically as possible" said Okaloosa County Supervisor of Elections Paul Lux.

“An informed decision is the best decision. Regardless of what their position is or stance we just want them to come out and cast their informed ballot" said Destin Firefighter Todd Harris.

An average of one hundred voters a day has already shown up to cast their ballot. However Okaloosa County supervisor of elections Paul Lux says this is the first time the city has tried an early voting period so he's not sure if that momentum will continue.

"A special referendum, an election that's held off cycle. Despite the efforts that we put into making sure that the word gets out sometimes it can be really really hard to draw some of those voters in to these special elections” said Lux.

Well over thirteen hundred absentee ballots have been mailed out. Combining the five hundred ballots returned with early votes averaged so far, the referendum is seeing a nearly twenty-five percent voter turnout.
Destin has about thirteen thousand registered voters. Early voting lasts until Friday during normal business hours at Destin City Hall. The official voting day is May 14th.