Early Voting Helps Cut Back on Election Day Lines

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With Election Day less than a week away, local elections officials are stepping-up their push to encourage early voting.
They are concerned a lengthy ballot will translate into long lines and huge delays at the polls next Tuesday.
The big concern is the amount to time it is taking people to read the ballot.
The 11 constitutional amendments are wordy and time consuming.
It takes the average person 3 to 5 minutes to go through everything on the Florida ballot, and that is if they are prepared.
Bay County Supervisor of Elections, Mark Andersen, said the longer people wait to vote, the less prepared they are.
"Early voting is also in place to take the pressure off from Election Day,” said Andersen. “If we don't have a good volume at early voting, we're going to have a huge amount of pressure on our polling places on election day."
So far, more than 21-thousand of Bay County's registered voters have used early voting, more than 14-thousand more have cast absentee ballots.
That still leaves close to 78-thousand voters who could show up next Tuesday.
"We want people, if you've got your mind made up, to come on and early vote-this is a very long ballot," said Andersen.
The supervisor's office is one of four locations in Bay County where people can cast ballots before Election Day, either through early or absentee voting.

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