Earth Day Celebration Promotes Recycling and Goodwill

PANAMA CITY - Goodwill is hoping to spread awareness about their services during Saturday's Earth Day celebration.

The 2nd annual Goodwill Run and the 10th annual Earth Day celebration was held at Mckenzie Park in Panama City.

Bags lined the 5K running route through downtown to help promote donations throughout the day. The Florida Trial Association along with other organizations also participated in the event.

The organizers say this could not be possible without the generosity and involvement of the community and volunteers.

"We're having a race to promote Goodwill and recycling and re-purposing we are using items. We have a huge goodwill truck to be filled with donations," said Beverly Nield, Goodwill Event Organizer.

The fastest runners during Saturday's run received shirts and water bottles as prizes. All the proceeds from the event will benefit Goodwill.