Edward Daniels Asking for New Trial

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CALLAWAY - A Callaway man, found guilty of manslaughter after his dogs killed a 7-year old boy, is asking for a new trial.

Edward Daniels Jr. claims the state did not present sufficient evidence to warrant a conviction.

The family of 7-year-old Tyler Jett is still struggling to live a normal life after his death. They say he's always on their minds.

Tyler Jett's Mother, Brandy Wilhite said, "Every day, all day especially with Hannah. She wants 'Bubba' to come home."

Last April two dogs, belonging to Edward Daniels Junior, attacked Jett. He died several days later at a Pensacola Hospital.

After a two day trial, jurors found Daniels guilty of manslaughter, but not guilty of evidence tampering.

"I feel bad for his mom and dad. They lose their son too, but I lost mine and he doesn't get to come back. But he'll get to come home" said Wilhite.

Daniels is hoping sooner than later.

His attorney will be asking for a new trial when Daniels is sentenced Friday. Public Defender Kevin Carlisle filed the motion last month, saying the jury's verdict was contrary to the law and the weight of the evidence presented.

He also claims testimony from the state's witnesses was not sufficient to convict Daniels of manslaughter.

Daniels will now be represented by Chief Assistant Public Defender Doug White.

State Attorney, Glenn Hess said, "The whole point is, he was put on notice that he had dangerous dogs and he didn't do anything to keep them safe and we had a very tragic event."

Hess doesn't believe Judge James Fensom will grant the new trial.

Jett's family members, who are just learning about the motion, say they'll be upset if Daniels does get a new trial.

Wilhite said, "I'm going to be mad, hurt. Why do it again? Why bring up everything that happened to Tyler? He's not here. Let him be."

Daniels faces up to 15 years in prison at Friday's sentencing, if Judge Fensom denies the new trial motion.

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