Eglin Air Force Base Officials Announced the Results of Its Investigation

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Eglin Air Force Base Officials announced the results of their investigation into the January 8th incident involving this foam fire-suppression system inside of the 90,000 square foot King Hangar.

Twenty-four foam generators suspended from the ceiling, release the suppressant, similar to soap or dish detergent, on top of the four civilian contractors.

Jonathan Lord, a tool and parts attendant with a company called Defense Support Services was killed.

Three of his co-workers were treated for inhalation injuries.

Tuesday Air Force Officials say the cold weather caused pressure build up, which caused a valve to crack.

And that's what caused the system to malfunction.

They say all personnel were evacuated from the building, but Lord and the other decided to reenter the Hangar.

"And approximately an hour and 15 minutes after entering the foam the victim was found by the fifth rescue team that we sent into the environment,” said Major General Arnie Bunch, Air Force Test Center Commander.

General Bunch says his main focus is safety, and trying to prevent another tragedy in the future.

The incident caused about $600,000 of damages to aircraft stored in the Hangar.