Eglin Air Force Base Testing Closes Down State Roads

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For the past month Eglin Air Force personnel have been looking to run some tests on base.

However, the testing would require them to close State Roads 85 and 285 for several hours.

Up until Wednesday the test had been postponed three times due to maintenance issues with the aircraft the base needed to run tests.

The public was informed of the date changes, and many residents state it didn't affect them.

"It is an interruption we will deal with because of the impact, economic impact of Eglin, Hurlburt Field and Duke Field,” said Wayne Harris, Executive Director of the Crestview Area Chamber of Commerce. “It is a very small price to pay for the very few times they do interruptions."

"We have two branches, one in Crestview and one in Niceville and we do have people that travel back and forth and in no way did that impact us,” said President of CCB Community Bank, Derek Lott. “Like I said it is easy to schedule around it and of course if it is cancelled there is no impact that day."

Many residents and business owners stated that this wasn't an issue and they just went about their day, and went to work earlier.

While others had no idea the test were even being done and that the roads would be blocked off.

Eglin Air Force Base conducted the tests early Wednesday morning.