Elderly Man Attacked During Home Invasion

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PANAMA CITY- Panama city police say someone broke into 75-year old Lawrence Bellamy's home on east 8th street Saturday night and attacked him.

But no one found out about the crime until 1:00 Sunday afternoon, when Bellamy's caretaker arrived.

"We get there and the caretaker of the victim stated that when she got there she found that there was blood on the porch. She found him sitting in the living room covered in blood," said Detective Raymond Perkins, Panama City Police Department.

Bellamy's brother believes the suspect, or suspects, knew what they was looking for.

"They were looking for money, only money because his tv, all his other stuff is still intact," said Thomas Bellamy, Victim's Brother.

Thomas Bellamy was shocked after hearing about the attack.

"I just hope they catch the person that did it! Because I don't want this to happen to my brother again, and I don't want it to happen to nobody else," said Bellamy.

Investigators say Bellamy suffered a stroke late last year and is still recovering.

He has difficulty communicating but police say he said enough for them to believe the attacker is someone Bellamy knew from the neighborhood.

"He always sits at a table by himself and always stays by himself, but if you ask him something he talks, he would talk," said Bellamy.

Bellamy is still in the hospital and recovering.

"It will take the neighborhood and the Panama City Police department to bring this to a conclusion,' said Perkins.