Elections Report Calls for Flexibility

Voters in some counties were still in line in the early morning hours on a day after the election. Delays and counting thousands of last minute absentee ballots once again made Florida the laughing stock of the nation when it couldn’t declare a winner until Friday.

A 12 page report details what went wrong. It calls for 14 not eight days of early voting, with supervisors deciding when and where people early vote.

Secretary of State Ken Detzner detailed the recommendations before a House Committee on Monday.

"Voter confidence must be restored," said Detzner.

Lawmakers also share some of the blame because of lengthy ballot.

Time and again Florida Election Supervisors testified that the biggest problem they faced was the length of the ballot. This wasn't even the longest ballot that voters faced.

The report is calling for a shorter ballot summary when lawmakers place constitutional amendments before voters.

"To seventy-five words per constitutional amendment," said Detzner.

The report is getting high marks from the League of Women Voters.

"The expanding the number of days of early voting and expanding the number of sites where early voting can take place those are both absolutely great recommendations," said Jessica Lowe Minor.

In addition to fixing long lines, the League of Women Voters and the ACLU, say the state must also make it easier for people to register to vote.

Prior to the 2012 election, supervisors had the flexibility to offer early voting on the Sunday before the election, but only about ten counties used the day for early voting. The recommendation would once again give them that flexibility.