Elementary Students Eager to Learn with New Kindles

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PANAMA CITY -- Local schools are trying to keep up with the latest technology. Oakland Terrace Elementary recently got some help from a local non-profit that donated some new Kindles.

The teachers say the Kindles are motivating the students.

In the last two month's Kristin King's fifth grade class has gotten a little more technologically advanced. Students are now using the popular reading tablets.

"I know that now we live in a technology world so they knew that that was a need for our school so they got each classroom teacher two kindles," fifth grade teacher Kristin King said.

Teachers say having Kindles in the classroom help facilitate a better learning environment.

A non-profit organization called Real School Work bought the kindles for Oakland Terrace. Initially, the Kindles were not the first choice of some of the teachers.

"Teachers have requested Nintendo DS and some teachers had requested just additional laptops, and some had requested the Kindles and iPads. But when we looked at what the kindle could offer...It could offer all of the games all of the books that we could you know hook up with the overdrive of the Bay County library and download the books for the kids as well,” said Title One Resource Teacher Deniece Moss.

"There's like trivia questions math problems you could answer, I mean like they make up games that are really fun you know but you're learning at the same time," Oakland Terrace student Payton Thayer said.

King says the students are more apt to pay attention and complete their work with Kindles in the classroom and she knows they're having great time learning.

"The kids work really hard because they want that extra technology at their desk so once they finish things or finish their work they get to use it to whatever games and things that are approved and that are already saved on there,” said King.