Email Scam Targets Local Businessman

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Wayne Lindsey is the local Sonny's Bar-B-Q franchise owner for our area. Around 7:00 am Wednesday, his phone began ringing off the hook.

The first call was from Orlando, the corporate office. Everybody is calling to let me know that my email had been hacked," said Lindsey.

Everyone of Lindsey's contacts got an email, supposedly from Lindsey himself. It stated that he and his family had been robbed while vacationing in the Philippines, and are now broke and trapped in Manila.

The emailer then asks you send money so the Lindsey's can come home.

"People out of the goodness of their heart are willing to do whatever to help out a good family or friend in order to get that person home safely, so they think, said Danielle Rudd of the Better Business Bureau, "Look for any grammatical errors or spelling errors, a lot of times the people sending these emails are not from the united state. So look for the grammar. Look for the punctuation errors, or any words that are all caps those should be red flags."