Embattled Mexico Beach Police Chief Considers Running for Mayor

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Mexico Beach- Is he retiring or isn't he? In what could be his final hours acting as Mexico Beach's Police Chief, Brad Hall opened up to NewsChannel 7 Monday about his rocky relationship with the city.

His last few months have been marred by investigations of his department involving alleged misconduct. In our exclusive interview, Hall discounted the problems as nothing more than drama between co-workers.

"Did you as police chief ever break the law in any way?" asked NewsChannel 7's Bryan Anderson.

"I never did step out and do anything that I perceive as unethical. I did not do anything that was done intentionally to hurt somebody or to break a law or anything such as that. To me, yes, it is a witch hunt," answered Hall.

He also said the situation has been aggravated by apparent animosity between him and the city, placing most of the blame on City Administrator Chris Hubbard.

"His way of doing business and my way of doing business are completely different," said Hall.

Hall claimed he wouln't have wanted to retire if not for a personal vendetta he claims Hubbard has against him.

"I think that with some of the things that have occurred in the past, I can't work for somebody like him," said Hall.

Apparently Hubbard feels the same way. He has authority over the public safety department and said as far as he's concerned, Hall's initial retirement letter stands. But even if Hall is out as police chief, he said he'll be back in another capacity.

"In April you'll see my name on a ballot for Mexico Beach. I'm running for mayor," said Hall.

Since he voluntarily retired, Hall is most likely not only losing his job but also any severance pay. The city council has a workshop scheduled Wednesday, but the police chief issue was not on the agenda as of Monday night.

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