Employers Can Now Track Employees on the Job Using New App

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For years, Tommy Williams of Destin has been working to create a program that would help employers track their employees' movements.

He came up with display tracks.

Display Tracks shows the employer where and how fast employees are driving.

"For employees it is just better customer service if somebody calls in and says the technician is supposed to be here at 10, and its 9:30 they can tell this person, my employee is eight minutes away he will be there in a few minutes,” said Tommy Williams, President of Display Tracks.

The program can also detect if an employee is texting and driving.

Some employers feel Florida’s new state law against texting and driving isn't enough.

"First of all you can't stop someone just based on that alone; you have to have another reason to stop them; a secondary offense,” said Lieutenant Michael Whitfield of the Niceville Police Department. “If you can do that, and articulate it well enough that they were texting and driving it is going to just have to be one of those things you are going to have to see."

Williams says parents can also use display tracks to keep an eye on their teenagers.

"When I am talking to a business owner and every case they are like, 'Wait, I've got teenage kids that drive. Can we use this for this too?' Actually it will have the same features as for a business and show them how fast they are going, and where they are located,” said Williams.