Endangered Sea Turtle "Mayday" Released

Gulf World Marine Park released an endangered juvenile green sea turtle back to the Gulf of Mexico after undergoing extensive rehabilitation.

In May, a local fisherman in the Apalachicola Bay area found a lethargic green sea turtle which they turned it over to the Gulf World for treatment.

The endangered sea turtle was diagnosed and treated for pneumonia and shell abscesses due to heavy growth of marine debris.

Wednesday, Gulf World, St. Andrews Turtle Watch, and well wishers gathered at the beach on the Bay and Gulf County line to release "Mayday" back into the wild.

"We’re guessing he's a juvenile. So he might be ten, twelve years old. We don't know the exact age on these sea turtles but they have a lifespan of sixty to eighty years .So he's still pretty young, he has a long life ahead of him."

After testing the waters he made his way into the surf close to where he was found.