Enterprise Florida Awards Bonuses To Employees

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When Enterprise Florida held its general meeting in Sandestin Thursday, members had a lot of reasons to celebrate.

"This group has worked all across the state to say we want more jobs in our state and it's absolutely working. 333,000 private sector jobs for the fourth month in a row we're below the national average in unemployment. As an energized group we're finding new ways to recruit more companies and help our companies here in Florida expand" said Florida Governor Rick Scott.

Enterprise Florida is the primary organization spearheading that effort. The public-private partnership is tasked with recruiting new industry to Florida. The staff has done such a good job, the Enterprise Florida board unanimously approved 630-thousand dollars in bonuses for its 80 employees and 70-thousand to its CEO Gray Swoope.

"The bonus pool for Enterprise Florida employees comes all from private sector contributions. There's no government funds used for that. The Enterprise Florida team is one of the best, recognized as one of the best in the country and they are paid really at the lower end of the market" said Enterprise Florida Board Member Alan Becker.

Governor Scott agrees the bonus is well deserved.

"Gray has done a great job. First off, let's look at the energy in the room. The dramatic turnaround in jobs in our state. He's been a major part of that. Unemployment going from 11.1 to 7.1 percent…" said Governor Scott.

A number of Florida major corporations contribute to Enterprise Florida to help generate economic growth. The bonuses come from part of those contributions.

The 80 employees will receive different amounts of the 630-thousand dollars based on merit.

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