Environmental Impact Statement on F-35’s at Eglin

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After years of testing aspects like noise, socioeconomics and air quality, the environmental assets team at Eglin Air Force Base came up with eight different alternatives of where to store up to 26 new F-35 Joint Strike Fighters and which runways they'll use.

But the work is far from over.

"We have put the document out, it is final,” said Larry Chavers, Chief of Environmental Assets at Eglin Air Force Base. “There is a 30 day waiting period right now, in that 30 day waiting period we anticipate the Air Force will make a decision, will it be 30 days, will it be 90 days, we don't know but the Air Force has to take the document and review it."

The decision maker for the United States Air Force could decide against allowing any of these aircraft to come to the base.

Some of the alternatives the Environmental Assets Team came up with could mean building new runways on the base.

"A lot of people don't realize the preferred alternative and the alternative in the final document could change, or it could be a mix of different alternatives as long as the analysis is in the document to support it for that decision,” said Chavers.

Many Valparaiso residents told News Channel 7 their biggest complaint is the noise.

But others feel more aircraft's will be a great asset to the economy.

As of now Eglin Air Force Base has 33 F-35’s

They hope to have a total of up to 59 aircraft.