Florida Ethics Reform

Florida’s incoming legislative leaders are making ethics reform a top priority.

This week incoming Senate President Don Gaetz of Niceville and Future House Speaker Will Weatherford of Wesley Chapel, son in law of former House Speaker Allan Bense of Panama City, both listed ethics reform as a top legislative priority.

The two Republican leaders want members to disclose if they have a conflict of interest before they vote on a bill. They also want to stop lawmakers from taking government jobs after they serve.

Dan Krassner is the directory of Integrity Florida, a government watchdog group devoted to ethics reform.

“Integrity Florida is encouraged that our incoming Senate President and incoming Speaker of the House are going to prioritize ethics reform and campaign finance reform. It’s been 36 years since Floridians have seen meaningful ethics reform come out of the capitol and we’re optimistic that 2013 is going to be the year.”

Integrity Florida is also encouraging lawmakers to stop Committees of Continuous Existence. CCEs can operate year round and often hide who contributes to their campaigns and what interest they serve.

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