Everitt Middle School Aspire Academy Reading and Language Arts Teacher Wins Golden Apple

This week’s Golden Apple award winner teaches reading and language arts in Everitt Middle School’s Aspire Academy.

The program is for middle school students who are struggling in reading and language arts, based on FCAT scores.

Tracey Sirmans leads the program at Everitt, inspiring students and teachers alike to reach for high goals.

In Ms. Sirmans, students always have something to look up to.

“On the ceiling we have our 2012-2013 high school proficiency scores,” said Tracey.

Posting their reading goals is just one of the many ways she motivates her students to achieve.

“Ms. Sirmans has been helping me with reading strategies and that has been going great,” said student Leyla Flores.

She knows how critical reading is to every subject and wont settle for less than a student’s best.

“Tracey Sirmons is the perfect combination of structure and flexibility in the classroom. Every student is going to leave with a learning gain and she is not going to take anything until that happens,” said Principal Shirley Baker.

“I see promise in our youth today and i see that they have knowledge that is held within and it just take a special teacher to see what is inside of them, unwrap their gifts so they can understand their greatness.”

Baylee Dugan’s mom nominated her for the award.

“She'll help us whenever we need help with something and she will help us and show us how to do it right,” said Baylee.

Her impact clearly goes beyond classroom.

“She is like a 2nd mom to me and a role model too; she is a really good teacher.”

“I hope through my encouragement and my structures that they will be successful, not only in school and high school or in other careers and in college, but that they will be good citizens of society.”

Congratulations to Tracey Sirmans, this week’s Golden Apple award winning teacher.

“I am proud to be an educator.”

“She is the best teacher I’ve ever had.”

In addition to winning the Golden Apple, Ms. Sirmans was nominated by Everitt for Teacher of the Year.