Exotic Bird Rescue

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Taking care of animals is second nature for John and Pamela Bussert. They have a growing aviary of 58 exotic birds, provided by former owners who couldn't take care of the animals any longer.

"Well we just take them in and we keep them for life. I used to try to re-home them but found a lot of people didn't want these problem birds they were soon giving them away themselves” said John Bussert.

Apparently many of the birds just make too much nose for most people.

"Well coral is 19, the reason he was given to me is because he is such a screamer. The people couldn't handle...hear that, all night long. All day and all night long” said John Bussert.

Beyond the work that the Bussert's do rescuing several species of parrots they also take them on the road performing with them adding color to their caribbean band.

"One of the things we like to do is henry our green wing will go on top of the head and then squeaker the umbrella cockatoo makes a beautiful headdress for folks. Wouldn't you agree with that" said Pamela Bussert.

"So he does this trick here where he lays upside down and hangs by the thumb. He knows just how hard to do it. He's very friendly with people he goes to anybody" said John Bussert.

"Shipley's a good dancer."

The Bussert's say when the birds perform they get the chance to interact with others.

"I think the biggest thing is that the parrots are actually able to get out, be in the sun, socialize with other folks and they enjoy making others happy."
To learn more about the Busserts’ bird rescue and where their next performances will be visit their website "steel drums and parrots dot com."

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