Exposing Weather Myths

MGN Online

PANAMA CITY-- When Doug Macduff hears his favorite weatherman say this, "It's looking like in the next month, temperatures will be warmer than average across the panhandle," It impacts how he spends his day.

"Oh yeah, when it's beautiful you get out and walk the beach, you go golfing, there is lots to do," said Macduff.

Then there are those who believe weather condition dictate their health. Especially those quick temperature changes.

"Well when her coughing gets worse or her sneezing, then I can tell I need to call the doctor," said Jennifer Reyes.

Maya, has allergies, so the forecast does impact how she feels.

"Now we've had warmer days, so that has increased the pollen count. We are starting to see oak pollen coming up now in the area," said Dr. Bonita Anin.

Outside of allergy season, there seems to be little evidence that big temperature swings effect peoples' health.

Since doctors say there is no reason to fear those big temperature swings you might as well follow Beaton's lead and embrace them.

"I wear shorts whenever I can, and unless it is freezing, I will have them on," said Beaton.