F-101 Voodoo Jets Retired

A piece of Bay County history has come down, and it is really bitter sweet for some.

Family and friends of two Air Force F-101 Voodoo Jet pilots gathered Wednesday afternoon at the Panama City Marina for a retirement ceremony.
The ceremony honored all military members with a special emphasis on the two pilots, Major Carleton Vail and Captain Rick Seltzer, both of whom are now gone.
One of the jets has been on display at the marina and the other at Gulf Coast State College for more than 30 years.
Many say they have become a symbol of the area.
The families of Major Vail and Captain Seltzer say it is tough to see the jets go. "We just love seeing it. Visiting it. Every year we come out here for the 4th of July and always say lets meet at the plane,” said Carla Vail Gregory, Major Vail’s daughter. “So it's kind of sad to see it go.”
The two jets will be disassembled and taken to a temporary storage location by the Air Force.