F-22 Operational Squadron For Tyndall Delayed at Least a Year

"It's better later than never".Tyndall Air Force Base commanders may be feeling that way about the arrival of a new operational squadron of F-22 raptors.

Wednesday evening Tyndall announced the operational squadron of F-22's, that was originally expected to be here in a few weeks, will now arrive by the spring of 2014.

The 21-Raptors and 8 T-38 talons will be transferred from Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico. Along with the aircraft, Tyndall will receive 620-active duty personnel and 230-Air Force reservists. And there will most likely be additional civilian job created by the move.

The Air Force delayed the transfer after the Department of Defense froze all such movements because of budget issues.

Tyndall already has one F-22-squadron dedicated to training Raptor pilots. The additional operational squadron requires some infrastructure improvements like additional hangars.

The additional jets and new mission will pump millions of dollars into the local economy.