FAMU Arrests

Prosecutors in Orlando have filed manslaughter charges against 12 former FAMU band members in the hazing death of Drum Major Robert Champion in November 2011.

10 of the 12 had been facing Felong Hazing resulting in Death charges.

Two more defendants were added Monday.

Felony hazing carries a maximum 5 year penalty, manslaughter, 15 years.

Drum Major Rikki Wills spoke last July, telling cameras he was helping Champion, not participating in the hazing that took his life.

Monday, Wills attorney, Bill Sharpe, says nothing has changed the defense strategy.

"They've upgraded these charges to manslaughter which is I think is ludicrous, but our positions hadn't changed. The facts are the same. The situation is the same. Rikki feels the same way about it. He wants a trial by jury. He wants his day in court and that's what we're going to do," said Sharpe. "He's disturbed, scared as anybody would be. This is frightening to him. He's lost everything that he was trying to do. He's already lost that. Now he's scared. He's just scared."