FAMU Coach Suspended for Alleged Hazing Claims He is an Innocent Victim

A coach at FAMU says he is an innocent victim, caught in the school’s crackdown on hazing.

Baseball Coach Willie Brown is on paid leave after a player he cut from the team accused him of hazing and sexual harassment.

Brown says his accuser was given the same treatment as the other players and he was only dismissed from the team for poor performance on the field.

Twenty FAMU baseball players signed statements says Coach Brown did no wrong.

“No, No. It’s not in my character. I’ve got too many people in the community. I’ve got too many people who’ve helped me get where I am. It’s not in my character,” said Coach Brown.

When asked if the player got treated any differently than anybody else on the baseball team, Brown responded “No, if anything he got better treatment.”

FAMU is investigating the player’s claims. The investigation is likely to carry into January. Brown says he just wants his job back and his name cleared.