FAMU Investigation Closed

The Department of Law Enforcement report verified that 78 non-student band members who received per diem travel with the band. Some band members may have been double paid. Hundreds of expenditures were examined. Last month, a university employee was charged with eight misdemeanors involving travel reimbursements. But FDLE says no additional criminal charges will be filed.

"What our investigation found was that employees did not follow policy and procedures related to travel expenses and the use of their purchase card," said Spokesperson Gretyl Plessinger.

The investigation clears Band Director Julian White, although the report mentions an estimated 12,000 dollars was stolen from a locked desk drawer in his office. The theft had been previously reported to FAMU police.

Sot: Chuck Hobbs
Former Band Director's Attorney

"No criminal charges, so we're pleased with that. But, Doctor White had nothing to hide from the beginning. From the outset he met with FDLE and sat with them and gave them access to his personal records," said Chuck Hobbs, White’s Attorney.

While the report does show some internal irregularities, the fact that there are no criminal charges lifts the dark cloud that has hung over this university for the last nine months.

One investigation remains open. The Board of Governors has been looking into compliance with policies and procedures. The board is declining comment on the law enforcement report until it finishes its own investigation, which will be before the board next meeting in November.

The closing of the investigation without additional criminal charges is the second bit of good news. Earlier this week, Forbes Magazine named FAMU one of “America’s Top Colleges” and one of the “Best Research Colleges”.