FAMU Names First Woman President

Florida A and M University has named the Vice President of an Ivy League university to be the institutions first woman President. A start date and salary must still be worked out for the President-Elect.

FAMU’s national Alumni Association, Students, some faculty, and even a former FAMU President all made a pitch to keep interim president Larry Robinson at the helm.

Tommy Mitchell is with the FAMU National Alumni Association …"And today we said thanks, but no thanks Dr. Robinson."

Robinson had pledged not to be a part of the search when he was named the interim president.

By a ten two vote, Elmira Magnum, the VP at Cornell University was named FAMU’s 11 President. Trustee Marjorie Turnbull calls her, "Rising star in the academic world. She's taken on major challenges at Cornell, they were having some serious budget issues."

The FAMU President-elect was also called an agent for Change. "I am a change agent, I've always worked for change. In order to go forward you have to change."

FAMU has been led by a woman before, but she was an interim President. Magnum is the first to be Permanently named to the top post. "I'm hoping that it will be a great example for our female students, to understand that they can achieve whatever they want to achieve."

No start date has been set for the new president yet but it will likely coincide with the change in semesters."

The man Magnum will replaces remains a tenured faculty member, but whether Larry Robinson stays is still an open question.

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