FAMU Presidential Search Raising Questions

Larry Robinson has been the interim President of FAMU for 18 months. For 17 of those months, the University has been searching for a new leader, sort of. The search committee went just over a year from December 5th 2012 until December of 2013 without even meeting.

There has been such a lull that many on campus didn’t even know there was a search underway.

"I didn't even know we were in search for one," said Alexis Ritchie.

"I heard about it because my granddad, he goes... well he used to go here," said Tera Cox.

But now the search is on the fast track. Trustees planned to make a decision on Thursday, just 13 days after resuming the search.

More than 40 people applied for the president's seat here, that list was narrowed down to six finalists but two of them have since dropped out.

Several Trustees who are critical of the timetable didn't return our call. They have expressed concerns over the speed of the renewed effort and the quality of applicants. A majority of the finalists applied at the last minute.

Interim President Robinson did not apply for the permanent job but he has support from Alumni and students.

"No I'm not, I like our president. [You do?] I know him personally, yes. And I think he's a very good friend and he's doing good at he was nominated for," said Jasmine Harrington.

With no deadline for applications, it's possible the next President of FAMU hasn’t even applied for the job yet but the clock is ticking.

Late Monday afternoon, the FAMU Presidential Search Committee narrowed the finalist down to two. They will be invited to tour the Tallahassee Campus on Wednesday before a Thursday vote on the new President.