FCAT Computer Issue Stops Testing

Florida’s all-important FCAT exams were thrown into chaos on Tuesday, as widespread computer glitches prevented thousands of students across the state from logging into their computers and taking the test.

State Education Commissioner, Pam Steward called on the company to fix the problem immediately and districts will schedule the tests for another day.

Governor Rick Scott says educators will get to the bottom of the problem, but Florida's Teachers Union says the failure is more proof the state testing system needs a lot more work.

Others say the failure is nothing new.

"Surprise, surprise, you know i can tell you as a high school teacher, the technology problem with taking these tests is huge, it's absolutely huge. we're constantly having computers down at my school. we've had kids in the past that have started tests, gotten part of the way through and the whole system shut down," said Rep. Carl Zimmerman, (D) Tampa.

Bay County teachers and students are dealing with another problem.

Some schools don't have enough computers for each student to take the math portion of the F-CAT.

They've had to bus some students to the district computer labs to take the tests.