PC Man 1 of 6 Arrested in the Inmate Escape Scheme

Joseph Jenkins walked out of prison on September 27th. Charles Walker escaped from the same prison on October 8th. Both used nearly identical forged documents.

The two convicted murders serving life were re-captured at a Panama City Beach motel October 19th. In the two months since, officials have been combing through cell phone records, printers, computers and more.

"FDLE agents arrested 6 individuals charged with 37 separate crimes," said FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey.

FDLE created a poster to explain how the scheme worked.

The ringleader is a former Pinellas County inmate who used similar documents to escape in 2009.

"While incarcerated at Franklin C I, Nashaddai talked an assisted both Jenkins and Forbes. And in 2011 all three attempted escape using this scheme," said Bailey.

Investigators say the forged documents were created in the prison library then funneled as legal mail to a yet to be charged attorney. Correction officials say they are checking their options to see if they can limit future mail.

"We're looking right now at what constitutionally we have to provide," said Michael Crews, Corrections Secretary.

Since the escapes the Department of Corrections isn't letting anyone out without first checking with the judge whose name's on the order.

Investigators say they are still pursuing leads, including the attorney who may have helped.

"There are other people, satellites to this that have some involvement," said Bailey.

A $20,000 reward is still available for anyone who helps in the investigation.

One of the weirder turns in this case is that one of the men charged, Willie Slater Jr., is the brother of the man one of the escapees murdered.

The suspects, all current and former Department of Corrections inmates, are charged with a combined 37 individual crimes.

Nydeed Nashaddai, 48, Suwannee Correctional Institution, 2 counts conspiracy to commit escape, 2 counts principal to escape.

Jeffrey Forbes, 30, Florida State Prison, 1 count escape, forgery, uttering a forgery and conspiracy to commit escape.

Joseph Jenkins, 34, Union Correctional Institution, escape, principle to escape, 2 counts conspiracy to commit escape, 6 counts forgery, 6 counts uttering a forgery.

Charles Walker, 35, Florida State Prison, 1 count escape.

Willie Slater Jr., 36, Orange County Jail, 2 counts principal to escape, 2 counts conspiracy to commit escape, 4 counts uttering a forgery, 1 count tampering.

Terrance Goodman, 37, Panama City, Fla., 1 count harboring a fugitive, 2 counts conspiracy to commit escape.