FDLE Investigates Officer Involved Shooting

PANAMA CITY The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating an officer involved shooting at a hotel in Panama City.

Panama City Police and FDLE officials surrounded the Ramada Inn on 18th Street and Danford Avenue after 2 separate 911 calls from witnesses.

Officials confirm it was a shooting involving an officer that began just after 6 o'clock.

The suspect is described as a black male, and apparently unsuccessfully tried to carjack a driver on the corner of US98 and Beck Avenue.

He then tried to carjack another person at the R&C Food Market.

When that also failed, he headed to the Ramada Inn where he met face to face with officers.

That's when he began waving his gun.

Panama City Resident William Belavides describes, "It sounded like a gunshot. It did wake us up. We stayed on the fourth floor and we went out to the window and as we looked down, we saw quite a few police officers holding what it looked like a shotgun. So we kind of decided to stay in our room, kind of stay out of the way."

Witness Darrin Potts adds, "I was sleep and when I got up this morning and got out of my truck, I walked out and seen yellow tape, police cars over there. I don't know what was going on. Somebody told me, somebody got shot 5, 6 times."

The man was transported to a nearby hospital.

Officials cleared the scene around 12 pm, but are still investigating.

After gathering enough evidence, the Panama City Police handed over the investigation to FDLE.