FDLE Report Shines Little Light on Bristol Shooting

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Bristol- The Florida Department of Law Enforcement's (FDLE) report on a shooting death in Liberty County last April casts more doubt on the details of what happened.

The findings contradicted the Liberty County Sheriff's Office's initial ruling of suicide. The FDLE said it was doubtful Tranum McLemore commit ed suicide. But, investigators didn't rule the shooting a murder either.

On April 4, Winter McLemore showed up at the Liberty County Sheriff's office, claiming her husband Tranum McLemore tried to chock her. She said the struggle began during a discussion about divorce.Winter claimed he dragged her across the bedroom floor to the bathroom saying he was going to kill her. She escaped and drove to the sheriff's office.

As she was leaving, Winter claimed she heard two gunshots. When deputies arrived, they found McLemore in the couples' bedroom, lying a pool of blood, from three gunshot wounds. Powder burns were around at least two of the wounds.

On April 18, sheriff's office concluded Tranum McLemore had commit ed suicide. But Wednesday, the FDLE released the findings of the investigation which contradicted the suicide story.

The FDLE report confirmed some of the sheriff's office findings. The McLemore's did get into an argument and Winter escaped the home and drove to the the sheriff's office. Also confirmed, Tranum McLemore suffered gun shot wounds to the arm and groin and a fatal shot to the head.

But there was also new information. FDLE investigators said they found both Tranum and Winter McLemore's DNA on the pistol, but no gun powder residue was found on Winter.

Winter also admitted to having an extra-marital affair. This only after investigators confronted her with records of 500 text messages to a Michael Collins over a two day period- just prior to the shooting.

Investigators also said they discovered $35,000 in the glove compartment of Tranum McLemore's vehicle. The money was likely withdrawn from the couple's bank account without her knowledge.

Ultimately, the FDLE's report ruled the shooting was neither suicide or murder, but inconclusive. Wednesday, Liberty County Sheriff, Donny Conyers said he was satisfied with the FDLE's investigation.
According to the FDLE, the case is closed unless further evidence was discovered.

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