FDOT Buys $86K Worth of Snow Equipment

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PANAMA CITY - Snow and ice in Bay County has only happened once in 25 years, but the Florida Department of Transportation is already preparing for the next winter storm.

The FDOT spent $86,000 dollars on the 5 plows, 10 salt and sand spreaders, 42 tons of salt and 4,400 gallons of ice remover potassium acetate.

Ian Satter with the FDOT says, "I-10 is a lifeline from Northwest Florida and it's a lifeline from Florida period. We want to make sure we can get people to their jobs people to school, make sure goods and services are moving across Northwest Florida."

Transportation officials bought the equipment in response to the January storm that that crippled the Panhandle, icing bridges and shutting down major highways.

While some think the FDOT has overreacted, others say it's a wise move.

"Mother Nature is Mother Nature and if two days from now it decides it wants to snow and ice up that's what it's going to do," said Gwin Grice, Bay Co. Resident.

Satter also points out the equipment will be useful, dealing with natural disasters, like hurricanes and tropical storms.

The FDOT will spread out the equipment at their work yards in Milton, Marianna, Panama City, Midway and Ponce De Leon.

Local DOT workers will travel to states like Wisconsin and Minnesota to learn how to use the equipment during snowy conditions.