FDOT Crews Upgrade Destin Pedestrian Areas

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Florida Department of Transportation will be working to make sure drivers can clearly see pedestrian areas

“Here in Destin there's a large tourist season that does come in. We have a lot of foot traffic. We want to make sure that we're providing the safest routes possible for those pedestrians to use" said FDOT PIO Ian Satter.

This means enhancing certain pedestrian features along busy Destin roads.

"You'll start to see some crews out here starting tonight doing everything from restriping some of the crosswalks you see. They'll be replacing signs. They'll be doing some other work to improve the pedestrian features here throughout the city of Destin" said Satter.

Ian Satter says the department of transportation's plan includes the ever-changing upkeep of street safety.

"Well safety is the departments number one priority. We're actually doing an entire pedestrian safety study along the entire corridor of U.S. 98 throughout Northwest Florida" said Satter.

Satter says crews will not only be working in Destin but other counties as well to provide enhanced pedestrian safety before the start of the tourist season.

"Whether it's signage, lighting, striping. Whatever we can do to enhance pedestrian safety for everybody here in Destin and along US 98" said Satter.

Satter says the entire project and upgrade in Destin city limits will cost about forty thousand dollars.
FDOT crews will be surveying the Panama City Beach area soon to see if any pedestrian upgrades are needed.