FHP Gears Up for the Holiday Weekend

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Denise Grimes has been a Florida Highway Patrol trooper for 16 years.
Grimes say she is surprised by the calm traffic conditions around Bay County so far.
"Lighter than I expected today,” said Grimes, as she pulled out onto Highway 231.
Typically, the Thanksgiving weekend is the busiest travel period of the year.
"We try to step up our enforcement and be visible,” said Lt. Dave Brown. “Not only for enforcement, but to help disabled vehicles."
And more troopers on the road usually reminds people to slow down and pay attention.
"Every time they see us, if they see the blue lights. It's a reminder to them to slow down and buckle up and check themselves out," said Brown
Brown, Grimes, and the rest of the patrol are working over-time through the holiday's to make sure the roads are safe.
And, while it has been relatively calm so far, that could change as we get deeper into the weekend.
"There will probably be an increase in parties, drinking and driving, celebrating the holiday weekend,” said Brown. “Friday, we have an extra squad of troopers that will be out late and early morning looking for drunk drivers."
But troopers are hoping people will heed their warnings now, and avoid a ticket, a trip to jail, or worse a tragedy from happening at all.
For roadside assistance, or to report reckless or suspected drunk drivers, just dial *FHP on your cell phone.

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