FHP Trooper Injured While Giving Field Sobriety Test

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A trooper from the Florida Highway Patrol and a man he was giving a field sobriety test were sent to the hospital Friday night after another suspected drunk driver slammed into the back of the trooper's patrol car.

It happened on the corner of US 98 and Sandestin Boulevard just after 11 o'clock.

FHP officials say the 22 year old trooper Lester Abreu was conducting a sobriety test on 41 year old Eddy Hardy from Panama City.

The two were standing in front of the patrol car which did have all of the lights on.

Investigators say a Jeep Cherokee driven by Raul Silvas of Niceville hit the back of the patrol car which got pushed into both the trooper and Hardy.
Both men were taken to the hospital.

Trooper Abreu has already been released.

Hardy received critical injuries at last check and was transported to Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola.

The driver Raul Silvas was arrested for DUI with serious bodily injury and driving with a suspended license.