Fireworks a Problem for the City of Chipley

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CHIPLEY, FL-- Chipley city officials said they are fed up with rowdy behavior during the Fourth of July .

City police said young people are shooting illegal fireworks bought across state lines. Police are backing the complaints of residents.

Flying and Exploding fireworks are illegal in the state of Florida, but Chipley city officials said they have had an escalating problem with the illegal activity for quite some time.

"It was crazy. I mean, I ain't never seen so many police in my life it was crazy out there,” said resident Reshaun Patton. “I mean police was at this end of the projects, the other end of the projects."

"It could have been bad because you know some bottle rockets could catch a house on fire,” said Parent Laprina Guster. “If it would have went through one of the girls windows and it could have caught fire with the window, then she would have been homeless."

City officials are planning to crackdown on parents who go out of state to buy the fireworks and leave their children to use them unsupervised.

"In a way, I kinda understand why because sometimes the kids get outta hand with it. A lot of peoples windows was busted out this year, they housings was messed up," said Guster.

Some of the residents say the ban on fireworks in the city is a major reason for the problems. They say if they were to come up with a policy that allows the use of fireworks, that could help with some of the issues.

"I think they should let us shoot the fireworks, I mean I'm not saying go and blow up somebody car or something. But then I think they should also like have a limitation to what you can do and how you can do it," explained Patton.

Officials are inviting residents to comment on the issue before discussing it again at a September workshop meeting.

City officials were unavailable to comment on the problem.