Calhoun County Schools Earn "A"s for School Year

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CALHOUN COUNTY-- The Florida Department of Education has released its grade assessment for elementary and middle schools. There was a 7 percent increase statewide in schools earning an "A". Area schools are pleased with their grade, but are questioning the impact of next year’s new testing formula.

Many school districts statewide are celebrating, after learning grades for elementary and middle schools are up. In Calhoun County----Blountstown Middle School and Carr Elementary and Middle Schools all earned "A's" in the annual report.

"One of the schools, they had a theme that they were hunting for an "A",” said Calhoun County School District Superintendent Ralph Yoder. “Everyone rallied around this theme of "hunting for an 'A'".

Blountstown Elementary School jumped two grades from last years 'C'.

In Washington County students from Kate Smith and Vernon Elementary helped their schools score an 'A', but both middle schools are still at a 'C'.

"We were wanting it; you always wanna see improvements,” Washington County School District Superintendent Joe Taylolr. “So we were actually hoping that the letter grade might go up, but the point totals went up on all the schools."

The school grades are based on FCAT scores, but next year the Florida Department of Education will use a new formula, and school officials say there's no telling how impactful that new formula will be.

"So there's a lot of unknowns. I look forward to working with the Department of Education, and the leadership of our state education system to measuring how the impact of this new assessment will be on our schools, and our school grades," said Yoder.

"For parents to know that this is a good school, hopefully it'll bring more people to this community, and want their kids to come to this school,” said parent Adrianna Wright. “Compared to what I came up with, you know, that's a big improvement."

School grades for high schools are expected to be released in December.