FPU Will Remain Marianna's Power Provider

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Marianna- Wednesday looked like just another day on the lines for Florida Public Utilities (FPU) workers in Marianna.

"Business as usual" said FPU Line Operations Supervisor Jerry Lewis, "being out in the community- doing what we do best."

But on the inside, Lewis and many of his coworkers were probably celebrating Tuesday's victory. By more than a 2-1 margin, Marianna voters decided to keep FPU, instead of allowing the city to take over supplying the electricity.

"In a way, I think you should look at it as a success" explained Marianna City Manager, Jim Dean. "In 2010 the city commission was tasked by the citizens of Marianna to address an issue that they had. And the city of Marianna was successful in giving the citizens the opportunity to say weather they wanted to do something about it or not."

The vote ended the city's 3 year legal battle and take over attempts with FPU.

"We feel that the people have spoken and now we can get back to doing what we do best" Lewis said. "What we've done for 78 years- running power lines and making people happy" Lewis said.

But happy customers have not always been the case. Marianna has some of the highest electricity rates in the state.

"We are looking to decrease our rates" Lewis told us. "We had a blockage with the supreme court decision that the city had against us so we're hoping to lower those rates." He said they were hoping to drop the rates by the beginning of 2014.

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