FSU-PC Student Wins Computer Programming Challenge

Bill Blough, a long distance learning student at FSU, was presented with a $1,500 check Tuesday for winning the Code-A-Thon programming challenge.
iSirona is a Florida company that helps physicians make informed decisions about electronic health records.
The company presented 89 students with a real-life challenge:
"They gave us a protocol manual that described the data of the formula screen,” said Bill Blough, the winner of the competition. “So, I took that information and wrote a program that would display into the screen."
Richard Hurst, a software developer for iSirona and professor at FSU, said the challenge was a way to build a relationship with the students and possibly future employees.
"We wanted to collaborate with them and create some real world problems they could work on and not only learn the academic side of software development, but actually learn the professional side,” said Hurst. “So that when they do exit with a degree they have a feel for what the expectations are."
Hurst said that of the 17 projects submitted, 15 were competitive and that many of the students are viable for the market.
This was the first year for the Code-A-Thon competition, which iSirnoa hopes to make into an annual event.